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Selling a house: a touch of color

Selling a house can seem like a complex operation. It takes time, dedication and a lot of patience. If you are thinking of selling a home, the first question to ask is whether your home has the right buyer appeal. In this regard, you may find it convenient to read a short guide on the use of color.


Colored walls

A few years ago the fashion for colored walls exploded. Once the total white and the wallpaper were filed, the walls were tinged with the most varied colors. Now the fashion of color at all costs has slowed down a bit. The focus is on using calm colors that convey relaxation. The house is a place of peace and rest and it must remain so.

So yes to color, but without overdoing it!


Two-tone combinations

The two-tone walls are very fashionable and tasteful, with soft combinations. Yes to the use of mud color, a real must in recent years. Yes also to the striped walls or to the combinations of strong tones. The two-tone walls give a touch of glamor and greater appeal to your home. The important thing is not to overdo the combinations!


Furnish with color

Even the furnishings will have to respond to the need to use color. Buying furnishing accessories or frames that match well with the color of the walls makes the house harmonious. We talked about the increasingly widespread practice of homestaging in this blog. What is it about? Homestaging is the enhancement of a property with the aim of favoring its sale or rental.


Selling a house is certainly difficult, but small precautions help you. One of these is certainly the skilful use of color. Showing prospective buyers a nice, relaxing-looking home helps them feel comfortable. On the other hand, there is never a second time to make a good first impression!

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