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Casal del Marmo building complex

Status of publication: IN VENDITA
Property size:
Accommodation: NUOVO
Garage Car Box Comm. whole building New building Apartment RESIDENTIAL

Casal del Marmo building complex

Status of publication: IN VENDITA
Property size:
Accommodation: NUOVO
Garage Car Box Comm. whole building New building Apartment RESIDENTIAL

The Dominvest real estate agency offers for sale a building complex under construction that will be built with earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete structures in compliance with the criteria for the current regulations.
The building has three floors with a total of 16 apartments of various sizes starting from 77 square meters commercial.
The basement consists of numerous garages and parking spaces.
The housing units will be equipped with a system with centralized production of underfloor heating and cooling and ducted ceiling dehumidification for cooling, by means of a heat pump central heating plant and supported by renewable sources of energy (of the photovoltaic and solar thermal type); on the other hand, the ignition and regulation of the system will be of the autonomous type by means of chronothermostat and dehumidistat placed inside each apartment, and on each floor will be housed the heat meters for the radiant system together with the meters for the sanitary system.
The domestic hot water production system serving the property will also be powered by the heat pump power plant, supported by renewable energy sources (of the photovoltaic and solar thermal type). Hot, chilled and recirculation water piping will follow horizontal under-track routes to housing floors and proceed in specific vertical cavities.
-The property will be equipped with a smart home automation systemto control shutters, interior and exterior lights, air conditioning system, alarm system and deactivation of loads(such as dishwasher, etc.).
– The property will be equipped with a centralized digital terrestrial/satellite TV system, with antenna placement at the highest part of the building, appropriately shielded.
– The telephone system will be separate from any other system, and the pipes intended for such distribution will remain independent.
– apartments will have avideo intercom system to see and communicate with their own pedestrian entrance.
– in the ‘apartment will be installed near the cooktops an electrical outlet suitable for powering an induction cooktop.
– For protection against indirect contacts, each electrical user plant or grouping of plants will have its own earthing system, consisting of a buried linear metal earth electrode, supplemented by embedded point earth electrodes. It will also function as protection against atmospheric discharge.
Indoor flooring will be provided inporcelain stonewareof primary national brand and first choice commercial proposed by the contractor in two color variants, bathroom wall tiles are planned to be made of double-fired ceramics of primary brand in two variants, the flooring of balconies and exterior of common parts will be made of R11 frost-resistant porcelain stoneware material while for pedestrian walkways in R13, the covers, thresholds and counter-tops will be made of first choice marble of lava stone type or similar.
All bathrooms will be equipped with white ceramic wall-hung sanitary fixtures of primary national brand, faucets are chrome-plated brass with lever faucets, and shower trays will be provided in glazed ceramic of primary national brand complete with thermostatic column with shower head and hand shower and shower box.
The windows and doors will be made complete with glazing and high thermal and acoustic performance, in full compliance with current regulations on energy containment (L. 311/2006). They will be made of high quality pvc and triple insulated glass.
The energy performance of the building will be in minimum class A3.
Prices from € 268,000.

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Full Address: Via Valvestino, 00135 Roma RM, Italia
Simple Address:
ZIP Code:
Country: AF
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Property bathroom icon Bathrooms:
Property size icon Property size:
Property floor icon Floor: 1-2-3
Property year built icon Year Built: 2023
Property heating icon Heating: a pavimento
Property accommodation icon Accommodation: NUOVO
Property ceiling height icon Ceiling height:
Property distance from center icon From center: IN VENDITA
Property publication date Publication date:
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